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Lean Change Management

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May 16

Blaming resistance is like saying "I did my job, it's all y'alls fault!!" - Get curious, not furious. #leanchange #5universals https://buff.ly/44KXMdP

May 15

*You* might be agile, but the organization that wants you to help them transform might have other values. When organizations think standards leads to stability, there might be a whole lot of gravity pulling them back into the 'old way of doing things' and using transformational, mindset, culture an...Read more

May 14

The Six Big Ideas of Adaptive Organizations: Six sense-making models designed to help your organization get off the transformation treadmill. #leanchange https://buff.ly/3UGqxnu

May 14

It's here! Our new book, The Six Big Ideas of Adaptive Organizations! https://buff.ly/3UGqxnu

May 13

When organizations are fuelled by the desire for stability, they seek standards and control. It's hard to escape the organizational gravity to change things. Instead of shooting for another galaxy, maybe they should try getting to the moon first. https://buff.ly/3UGqxnu